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Introduction Program: Security by Design - Functionality vs. Security


When designing a new application, developing new software or managing a system, it’s important that it functions properly. Usability and user experience are a priority. But what is a user friendly security measure worth if hackers can bypass it? A robust infrastructure needs a good balance between functionality and security.

This training offers the foundation you need to find that balance. A security researcher gives you advice and tangible tips for designing, developing and managing applications, software and systems in a safe and secure way.

Learning Objectives:

In 20 minutes he answers questions like:

  • Which different kinds of security assessments can you use?
  • Why is patch management important?
  • What is Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure and how does it help with IT management?
  • Why is the OWASP valuable?
  • How does the principle of ‘defense in depth’ help when developing a secure infrastructure?