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In the past 100 years some of the greatest, most enduring and profitable companies have emerged during recessions and economic downturns. WhatsApp, Venmo, Groupon, Instagram, Uber, Pinterest and more all started during 2008-2010 recession. It’s true that right now the 2020 business environment is different than the 2008 recession, but this is an opportunity. This is a time for bold, yet intelligent and strategic initiatives and new products. In this new series from Mindscaling you will learn the key aspects of Design Thinking including: How to ask more powerful questions, how to engage the ideas of everyone on your team, how to provoke new thinking, and why constraints are actually a good thing.

Modules in this new series include:

  1. Focus on the Problem, Not the Solution
  2. How to Ask More Powerful Questions
  3. The Power of Borrowing Brilliance
  4. Make Sure All Voices Are Heard
  5. A Better Way to Pitch Your Ideas
  6. Why Diverse Teams Win
  7. Try Changing the Environment
  8. A Trick to Viral Marketing
  9. Constraints Are a Good Thing