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IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors


This course ensures safety culture and personal accountability is driven down through the organisation so that at all levels, the importance is clearly understood.

On successful completion of the courses assessments, delegates will be issued with an IOSH Safety for Senior Executives Certificate.

Audience and prerequisites

This course is designed for Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Executives and other senior managers who have the responsibility for policy making and strategic planning for health and safety within larger organisations of 250 or more employees. There are no entry requirements.

About this course

“Good safety is good business” is its ethos and this is reflected in the HSE guidance aimed at board members, directors and other senior managers in all organisations. This message needs to be driven down through the organisation so that at all levels, the importance of safety culture and personal accountability is clearly understood.

As of August 2016, IOSH have merged the syllabus of the IOSH Safety for Senior Executives and IOSH Directing Safely to form the new IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors. This new and improved course combines content from each of the previous courses and allows senior staff to be trained consistently no matter the size of their organisation. All face to face courses will now be delivered to this new syllabus.

IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors is an 8-hour health and safety training course that International Workplace provide designed for people with strategic responsibility for determining and implementing effective health and safety management within organisations of any size. The IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors Certificate delivered via elearning is perfect for those who need more flexibility and less time out of the office during their studies as you can study when you like, where you like and at the speed that suits you. The interactive course will guide you through the syllabus leading to the end of course assessments, plus you will also receive tutor support when you need it from a bank of highly skilled tutors. The Health and Safety Executive fully appreciates the role that good safety leadership has on an organisation’s safety performance.  Upon successful completion, delegates will be awarded an IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors Certificate.

Course topics include

  • Board and Senior Management accountabilities.
  • Corporate Manslaughter and personal liabilities.
  • Benefits of having a good safety culture and an effective risk management system.
  • Top level indicators of health and safety performance.
  • Key actions for the board, directors and senior managers.

Course outcomes:

  • Appreciate that health and safety should be managed from the top layers of management
  • Understand the health and safety role and responsibilities of senior executives
  • Recognise the importance of integrating health and safety objectives with other business objectives
  • Take account of health and safety aspects during strategic planning, decision-making and effective supply chain management
  • Be aware of the consequences of failing to manage health and safety
  • Understand the principles of a management system with the benefits of continual improvement and annual reporting
  • Understand the requirements of current legislation with the potential consequences of non-compliance upon their organisation and themselves


Completion of a personal statement which is submitted for assessment.