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Health and Safety - In the Office

Course Overview

This course helps learners to spot hazards and prevent risks that may cause accidents at work. Learners explore how to manage their physical environment and best practice for staying healthy and safe in the work place.

Visual scenarios are used to demonstrate examples of common office hazards that may cause injury or health problems. Key factors that cause stress, fatigue and work related ailments will be covered. This course can be integrated with our DSE and Essentials courses to provide a complete Health and Safety Solution for office workers.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understanding hazards and risks
  • Importance of Health and Safety at work
  • Employer and employee responsibilitites
  • Discuss work related ailments
  • Tips on staying safe and healthy at work

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of Health and Safety at work
  • Identify common office hazards that may cause accidents at work
  • Be able to conduct a rapid risk assessment for a low risk environment
  • Understand how to keep physically and mentally safe at work
  • Differentiate between hazards and risks

Target Audience

All office employees