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Handling Medication in Education


This CPD-certified course is suitable for anybody in an education setting who could handle a chid's medication. The course includes optional voiceover recorded by a professional actor, culminates with an assessment, and provides certification upon completion to evidence the learning provided.

It is specifically designed to help the learner understand rules and responsibilities, types of medication, how to administer, as well as building understanding of asthma, diabetes, allergies, and epilepsy.

Law & Legislation

This course covers key points from:

  • The Children and Families Act 2014
  • Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
  • Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
  • School Premises Regulations 2012
  • Education Act 1996

Course Content

  • Rules and Responsibilites - An overview of the responsibility that different roles have when it comes to handling medication in education, such as governors, leaders, staff, and parents/guardians
  • Medication - A look at how to handle different kinds of medication.
  • Administration - Best practice for keeping both staff and children safe while administering medication.
  • Diabetes - Best practice for handling diabetes in an education setting.
  • Allergies and Anaphylaxis - Best practice for handling allergies and anaphylaxis in an education setting.
  • Asthma - Best practice for handling asthma in an education setting.
  • Epilepsy - Best practice for handling epilepsy in an education setting.