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Handling Conflict


This CPD-certified, level-2, e-learning course is suitable for anybody looking to enhance their handling of conflict.

The course includes optional voiceover recorded by a professional actor and culminates with an assessment.

It is specifically designed to give learners a good understanding of what conflict is, why it arises, how it can be avoided or prevented, and how to deal with it if it does arise.

Why Should You Complete This Course?

To improve your skills handling conflict by:

  • Understanding why conflict arises
  • Recognising what can be done to prevent it or best handle it.
  • This course has been created in collaboration with subject experts.

Course Content

  • Introduction - What conflict looks like, how it appears, causes and consequences
  • Preventing Conflict - A look at a number of practical steps that can be taken to help prevent conflict arising.
  • Dealing with Conflict - How to best deal with conflict when it does arise, including, specifically, confrontation