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Excel 2013 - Migration and new features


Discover the new interface and make the most of Excel 2013’s new features. 


ENI offers you a unique educational interactivity with practical exercises directly within the applications and with an immediate result analysis, that respects the 4 training steps:

  1. The learner watches a video
  2. The learner carries out the exercise directly within the application
  3. MEDIAplus instantaneously checks the answer
  4. MEDIAplus provides the answer

Target Audience and Prerequisites

Every person needing to use Excel 2013 who has already worked with a previous version. 

Course content

Migration towards Office 2013 – Discover the new interface and the main new features 

This module includes a video made up of 11 video sequences.

Excel 2013 – Changing versions whilst keeping your previous habits 

This module offers interactive training consisting of 53 training videos, 53 exercises and 10 additional resources.

  • New in 2013: 01 - Basic commands part 1 
  • New in 2013: 01 - Basic commands part 2
  • New in 2013: 03 - Charts, pictures and other graphics
  • New in 2013: 04 - Databases and pivot tables
  • New in 2013: 05 - Advanced commands 

Complementary material

  • Excel 2013 – Reference book