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Excel 2010 - Mastering the essentials


Discover Excel, master data entry and formula, determine the format and layout of your tables and charts. You will learn how to manage long tables by filtering and sorting and you will be able to synthetize data using pivot tables.  


ENI offers you a unique educational interactivity with practical exercises directly within the applications and with an immediate result analysis, that respects the 4 training steps:

  1. The learner watches a video
  2. The learner carries out the exercise directly within the application
  3. MEDIAplus instantaneously checks the answer
  4. MEDIAplus provides the answer

Target Audience and Prerequisites

Any beginners or users with basic knowledge who wish to master Excel’s essential commands. No knowledge of Excel is necessary. The user just needs to be acquainted with using the keyboard and mouse. 

Course content

Excel 2010 – Level 1: Essential skills 

This module offers interactive training consisting of 45 training videos, 45 exercises and 6 additional resources.

  • Get started in Excel   
  • Set out your first Excel calculations
  • Look good with easy formatting
  • Print an attractive document
  • Increase your efficiency 
  • Multiple worksheets and various views

Excel 2010 – Level 2: Intermediate skills 

This module offers interactive training consisting of 52 training videos, 52 exercises and 4 additional resources.

  • Move on to more complex tables 

  • Let charts explain your data

  • Illustrate your data 

  • Database functionality with an Excel table

  • Create striking charts

  • See your data from a different angle: pivot tables and charts

Excel 2010 – Level 3: Advanced skills

This module offers interactive training consisting of 40 training videos, 40 exercises and 6 additional resources

Complementary material

  • Excel 2010 – Reference book