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Equality and Diversity - for Health and Social Care


Staff may work with people who have a wide range of backgrounds and preferences. This course will help them to understand and better support individuals from any ethnic group, of any age, and with any disability, gender, sexual preference or any other protected characteristic.


This course is aimed at:

  • New members of staff in Healthcare Support Worker roles
  • New members of staff in Adult Social Care Worker roles
  • Any staff members who provide direct care to patients or individuals needing support
  • This course will also be useful for:
  • Staff moving into new roles within their organisation
  • Refreshing the knowledge of any member of staff

    About this course

    This course contains three bite-sized modules that use practice-based scenarios, videos and engaging questions to bring the subject to life.

  • The three modules are:
  • Understand the importance of equality and inclusion
  • Work in an inclusive way
  • Access information, advice and support about equality and inclusion
  • Each module takes between five and ten minutes to complete; the modules that contain video clips take a little longer. The knowledge element of standard 4 of the Care Certificate is covered in this course. 


    In this course you will learn: 

  • The meaning of 'person-centred care'
  • The differences between equality, diversity, inclusion and discrimination
  • About legislation relating to discrimination
  • How your own prejudices might influence the way you work.
  • How to challenge discrimination
  • Where to access information and advice


    Here are some of the topics covered in this course:

  • What is 'person-centred care'| What is the differences between equality, diversity, inclusion and discrimination| The legislation around discrimination|Your own prejudices| Factors that influence your work| How to challenge discrimination| Information and advice.