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Endocrine system

About this course

Healthcare and medical professions have their own vocabulary, a specialised language that allows for quick and efficient communication between its members while minimising potential misunderstandings. Whether you are new to the medical profession or need a refresher class, we have a medical terminology course that will give you the boost you are looking for to further your career! In this course, we will cover the medical language and terminology used by healthcare professionals everywhere (in this specific subject area). If you’re interested in pursuing a health career and need the ability to communicate with medical professionals, you will find this course a perfect fit by providing you with a solid foundation in medical language.

This course forms one (subject-specific) module of our comprehensive "Medical Terminology" programme (which is comprised of 17 subject modules in total). The full programme is recommended if you require an extensive primer in various core aspects of medical terminology.

Lesson Objectives

  • Name organs and structures of the endocrine system.
  • Interpret the functions of these organs and structures.
  • Identify terminology related to the endocrine system.
  • Give meanings of combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes of endocrine system terminology.
  • List and explain clinical procedures and laboratory tests related to the endocrine system.
  • Be able to recognize and define abbreviations that pertain to the endocrine system.
  • Spell the names of medications commonly used.


  • Endocrine System Video
  • 9.1 About the Endocrine System
  • 9.2 Anatomy of Endocrine System
  • 9.3 Glands
  • 9.4 Hypothalamus
  • 9.5 Pituitary Gland
  • 9.6 Thyroid Gland
  • 9.7 Parathyroid Glands
  • 9.8 Adrenal Glands
  • 9.9 Pineal Body
  • 9.10 Pancreas
  • 9.11 Gonads
  • 9.12 Thymus Gland
  • 9.13 Exocrine Glands
  • 9.14 Physiology of Endocrine System
  • 9.15 Chapter 9 Activity 1
  • 9.16 Chapter 9 Quiz 1
  • 9.17 Endocrine Disorders
  • 9.18 Diseases and Conditions
  • 9.19 Conditions of Endocrine System (A-D)
  • 9.20 Conditions of Endocrine System (E-H)
  • 9.21 Conditions of Endocrine System (I-M)
  • 9.22 Conditions of Endocrine System (P-Z)
  • 9.23 Endocrine Surgical and Treatment Terms
  • 9.24 Tests and Procedures
  • 9.25 Chapter 9 Quiz 2
  • 9.26 Treatment of Endocrine Disorders
  • 9.27 Prefixes, Suffixes and Combining Forms for Endocrine System
  • 9.28 Chapter Review
  • 9.29 Chapter 9 Test
  • 9.30 Endocrine System Chapter Survey