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Emergency First Aid

About the course

This Emergency First Aid course upskills users who are the workplace's nominated person for First Aid, and the course is also suitable for general first aid awareness. The course will helpt to reduce assessment times when an accident has occurred to allowed treatment to be given at the earliest possible time; ensuring any accidents can be dealt with efficiently and effectively by a certified First Aider.

Learning outcomes

  • Carry out assessments on casualties using DRABCD
  • Use correct techniques for resuscitation
  • Follow instructions when working with an automated external defibrillator or AED
  • List the signs of choking and the steps to treat a casualty with an obstruction in their airway
  • Treat wounds and embedded objects
  • Classify burns and follow the steps to treat them
  • Identify and treat broken bones and sprains
  • Recognise the symptoms of a stroke using FAST

Key content

  • Identify, assess & treat
  • Recovery position
  • Choking casualty, wounds & burns
  • Broken bones, strains & sprains
  • Stroke, epilepsy, asthma & anaphylaxis