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Effective Hybrid Working: Working From Home


Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.

Looking to maximise your productivity whilst working from home but need help figuring out where to start? This lesson is for you. Adapting to the unique challenges of balancing office and remote work can be difficult. Your physical workplace location affects your work style, routine, and communication with colleagues. Adjusting to this new way of working, divided between two distinct settings, can be challenging.

By the end of this lesson, you'll understand the specific benefits of hybrid working, recognise the obstacles you may encounter at home, and learn how to overcome challenges to enhance your personal workflow and productivity.

Join us as we navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by hybrid working.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish what hybrid working is
  • Discover the barriers to effective hybrid working
  • Identify how to get the most out of hybrid working

Target Audience

Professionals looking to improve their workflow and become more productive when working independently.