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Effective Communication Tactics for the Modern Workplace

Course Overview

Join our Effective Communication Tactics for the Modern Workplace course to harness the power of effective communication in today's digital work environment. This course is your key to success in a world where daily emails, texts, and virtual meetings are the norm.

You'll master the art of crafting targeted emails, efficiently navigating Microsoft Outlook, and enhancing your messaging skills. Discover the benefits of using chats for project management and Microsoft Teams' tools for seamless communication.

You'll learn to manage conversations, share files, and schedule MS Teams meetings effortlessly. Elevate your virtual meetings with breakout rooms, polls, and real-time captions, tailoring them to your preferences.

Explore the Viva Suite within MS Teams to build communities and engage in leadership opportunities through Viva Engage. Gain insights into your work patterns with Viva Insights and take advantage of learning opportunities through Viva Learning.

Enhance your workplace communication and collaboration skills with our comprehensive course, empowering you to excel in the modern professional landscape.

Learning Objectives:

In this course, students will learn how to:

  • Create professional emails using the Microsoft Outlook platform tools.
  • Master email organization and set up email signatures and out-of-office replies.
  • Use status in Teams for effective communication.
  • Manage projects via small group chats, sharing files, and scheduling.
  • Enhance MS Teams meetings with break-out rooms, screen sharing, the Whiteboard app, and polls.
  • Customize meeting options to control the virtual meeting experience and record for information sharing.
  • Integrate Viva into MS Teams, such as Viva Engage, Viva Connect, Viva Insights, and Viva Learning.