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Drugs and Alcohol at Work


Many of us are partial to the occasional tipple. And while there might be some funny stories going around the office about who overdid it on the fruit punch at the Christmas party, sometimes matters can get more serious when it comes to the use of alcohol and drugs.

Employers have a legal duty to protect their employees’ health, safety and welfare, but drug and alcohol misuse at work can be a difficult problem to handle. This course offers guidance on how to conduct a risk assessment, what warning signs to look out for that drug or alcohol misuse is taking place, and how to manage the issue.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Describe what is required in a risk assessment
  • Recognise signals which might indicate drug or alcohol misuse
  • Identify appropriate training and support initiatives

Why Should I take this course

The heart of the issue is awareness. Employers must be sensitive in situations which might or do involve drug or alcohol misuse. You must protect and support your employees in all matters of health and safety, and this training will explain how to approach these situations with delicacy and discretion.