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Diversity Hiring and Inclusion

Course Overview

Diversity Hiring is the key : Diversity hiring is one of the first steps an organization should take towards building an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

Diversity & Inclusion matter in both personal and professional lives : Every one of us knows and realizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in our lives. The same thing extends to our workplaces.

Equal Opportunities for Everyone : Simply put, diversity hiring is when a company designs a hiring process that ensures an equal opportunity to be provided to candidates of diverse gender, race, and other groups to take part in the recruitment process and get hired.

Company Selection Based on Diversity & Inclusion : In the modern world, millennials and majorly, the Gen Z employees consider diversity and inclusion to be the main criteria for selecting a company to work for.

Be Serious About Diversity Hiring : Therefore, unless you are really serious about making practical changes in order to accommodate a diverse workforce, it would be hard for you to attract and even retain the industry’s top talents.

Plethora of Benefits : In addition, workplace diversity and inclusion bring about a plethora of benefits to an organization—fresh ideas, viewpoints, untapped potential, increased employee engagement and much more.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the phenomenon of diversity hiring and inclusion.
  • Explain the challenges during diversity hiring.
  • List a few ways to improve your diversity hiring capabilities.

*This course references US legislation and statistics.