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Deaf Awareness

Course Overview

By completing this course you’ll expand your knowledge of hearing loss and learn the many different ways deafness affects people; from the practical challenges to the emotional issues encountered by those experiencing hearing difficulties.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Section 1. Introduction, Meet your Presenters, Hearing Loss Facts and Myths Quiz
  • Section 2. Identifying Hearing Loss
  • Section 3. Types of hearing loss
  • Section 4. The Emotional Impact of Hearing Loss
  • Section 5. Hearing Loss Terms and Living with Hearing Loss
  • Section 6. Hearing Loss in the Workplace
  • Section 7. Assisted Technology and Communication
  • Section 8. Tinnitus and Hearing Loss
  • Section 9. Take-home messages
  • Section 10. Useful Links
  • Section 11. Congratulations!