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Data Protection and Information Security


With technological developments bringing far-reaching changes to the everyday workings of information management, this up-to-date programme provides staff with training on principles and practices relating to Data Protection and Information Security.

Your learning outcomes

This e-learning course provides users with training on records management, information security, data protection and freedom of information, and aims to ensure they:

  • Understand legal requirements surrounding Data Protection and Freedom of Information
  • Understand the principles of effective records management and information security
  • Can apply both records management and information security to ensure they comply with Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation
  • Understand how to apply the training into their daily work
  • Understand Freedom of Information legislation and how to respond to requests
  • Understand the principles and practicalities involved in Data Protection

The course has in-depth chapters on Records Management including Email management and covering Information Security from Computer Security through to managing out-of-office information.

We’ve designed this e-learning course to be relevant for all users by incorporating a range of methods including quizzes, web links and a final assessment quiz. This combination of learning techniques will help to develop the user’s understanding and confidence in dealing with this difficult issue.

Course duration

One Hour - Staff have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.