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Data Protection Essentials


The Data Protection Act plays a crucial role in protecting individual rights and gives guidance on how to work responsibly with data. This legislation outlines the eight data principles that should be put in practice when handling data. Ensuring that data practice is fair, secure, and transparent is a responsibility for both individuals and organisations. Both individuals and organisations can be held responsible for breaching data protection laws.

This highly interactive course ensures you and your employees comply with the Data Protection Act. Using powerful real life examples, this course effectively conveys rules which organisations and individuals must follow.


After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognise why fair and effective data management is important to individuals and to society as a whole
  • Understand the provisions of the Data Protection Act and the penalties for breaching these
  • Work with information in a way that doesn't breach the eight data protection principles
  • Respond to requests for information from individuals in a way that is legal and effective


Topics explored in this course:

  • Main provisions of the Data Protection Act
  • The eight principles of the DPA
  • Penalties under the DPA
  • Personal data and personal sensitive data
  • Processing, managing, and using data
  • Responding to subject access requests


Employers and employees working with data and/or affected by the Data Protection Act

Course duration

45 minutes