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Cyber Security - Anti Bribery

Make Smarter Decisions, with Bob's Anti Bribery Module


Most of us profess to know what Bribery is, but when asked could you give a definition? Oxford Dictionary defines Bribery as the following: 'Dishonestly persuade (someone) to act in one's favour by a gift of money or other inducement' After hearing the definition, do you think giving money to speed up a business process is a bribe? How about awarding contracts to those who pay large contributions? Is the offering of a gift abroad a bribe or just part of the culture?

Bribery is a difficult problem to contain because it is sometimes hard to differentiate between a bribe and a good natured act. That is why we invite you to journey with us through our Anti Bribery training module


Become more vigilant, by learning:

  • Innocent gestures that can be perceived as bribery
  • Consequences of accepting a bribe
  • Dangers of offering gifts and incentives
  • Responsibilities for preventing bribery