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Customer Service in Higher Education


Want to support your staff to achieve high levels of customer service and develop positive strategies to deliver good customer care? This best practice customer service e-learning course could be the answer.

It examines the key skills required to deliver good customer care and encourages staff to reflect on their own values, attitudes and practice. Through case studies, scenarios and exercises, this e-learning course offers a framework for reflecting on current practice in the delivery of customer care.

Your learning outcomes

This e-learning course will ensure your staff can:

  • Define good customer service
  • Distinguish what separates good and bad customer service
  • Provide an understanding of the key principles of equality and diversity with regard to customer service
  • Explain the skills required for effective communication
  • Provide guidance on dealing with difficult situations and complaints

Course duration

30 minutes - Staff have the option to bookmark progress and complete the e-learning course in chunks.