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Customer Service - Matching Needs

Course Overview

Making a Customer feel valued can only be achieved by knowing what they need. The most successful Customer Service people understand and appreciate what their customers need rather than what they think they want.

This course will explain why you should treat each customer as an individual and also be aware of their level of knowledge and experience. Find out what they want to spend and as you guide them respond to their mood and pace. Finally the course reminds you remember that a positive attitude and good communication can transform a customer into a satisfied customer!

This course helps learners to translate your product, service and organisation knowledge into sound advice and then give full, individualised attention to the customers. Learn how to handle objections positively and professionally, seeking opportunities to provide enhanced customer service and increase customer value and loyalty.

Course Outcomes:

  • Using your product knowledge and professional judgement to deliver best advice
  • Handling objections calmly and professionally
  • Proposing solutions with products which may also suit them
  • Focusing at all times on the customer’s needs and wants, giving them your full attention

Target Audience

Anyone involved in selling to the public