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Creating a More Balanced Workplace


This new learning series, based on the bestselling work of Mason Donovan, author of The Golden Apple: Redefining Work-Life Balance for a Diverse Workforce.

In today’s busy world, is it even possible to find that sweet spot between work and play? In a world of distractions, it’s sometimes hard to find our balance.

In this new series, Mason Donovan, will guide you through reflections and strategies for making work-life balance something fresh, feasible, and focused on you.

Work-life balance is not just a personal matter - it has a way of impacting the quality of our work and relationships. Affecting not only individual employees, a lack of balance in your company can affect diversity, inclusion, innovation and talent retention.

In this course you will learn:

  • To recognize the impact and benefits of a balanced life.
  • To select practical strategies for creating work-life balance.
  • To gauge your own sense of balance in your work and home life.

About the Author

Mason Donovan is a principal at The Dagoba Group, an integrated global Diversity and Inclusion consulting practice that helps leaders take tangible steps to enhance inclusion and optimize teams. He has also represented the US Government and the State of Florida on a commercial and diplomatic basis in EMEA. Mason is co-author of The Inclusion Dividend: Why Investing in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Off, which provides an actionable framework for companies to tap the bottom-line impact that results from an inclusive culture, and The Golden Apple: Redefining Work-Life Balance for a Diverse Workforcewhich is dedicated to solving one of today’s most pressing workplace challenges.