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Convincing customers with a winning offer


When making a purchase, customers need to be convinced that the offer on the table is actually what they need. To persuade your customers, you need to showcase the values that lie behind your sales approach. In other words, your customer needs to understand that your proposal matches their needs, imperatives and motivations.

No matter how good you are at building relationships and no matter how deep your product and sales knowledge, you can only truly persuade customers by using a structured, organized approach, supported by a detailed argument plan for your specific targets.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will know how to:

  • Convince customers (with integrity) with well-structured arguments and a tangible, irrefutable argument technique.

Module Program

  • Identifying the factors driving your customer’s buying decision.
  • Adapting your offer and your arguments to cement your credibility.
  • Using comparative arguments in an ethical way to convince your customer when faced with an offer from a competitor.
  • Structuring your offer in a way that convinces effectively.

Key Advantages

  • Immersion in the customer’s world to better understand their needs and imperatives.
  • Practical argument development exercises.
  • A practical, useful argument-building method to set you apart from the competition.

Target Audiences

All sales associates. Any professionals who need to persuade customers.


No prerequisites.