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Compounding Habits to Maximise Productivity


This course will have a particular focus on practical guidance for developing new habits, making achievable changes, and maximising your productivity. 

We’ll provide you with a series of actionable tips to incorporate into your own life and career. Good habits are closely linked to increased efficiency and putting in the work now will lead to a more productive future. We’ll investigate how even the smallest changes can be significant to success. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore what compounding habits are
  • Understand how habits can be used to maximise your productivity
  • Identify how developing good habits can benefit your well-being and efficiency
  • Examine the habits that shape the successes of great leaders
  • Explore why certain habits are particularly effective
  • Understand the value of putting effort in now for a welcome payoff in the future
  • Discover the importance of staying on track and methods for overcoming any setbacks


Professionals who want to learn about compounding habits.