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Communication Pack

Report Clearly, Concisely, and Professionally with S.T.A.R.R.

Everyone has experienced those painful "Status Update" meetings.

This amazing tool is recommended to everyone who wants to report clearly, concisely, and best of all, professionally. It was invented by the military and has since been adopted by journalism and corporate boardrooms everywhere.

Use this tool in meetings, reports, or when surprised by your boss in the hallway.

Apologize Effectively

There are times in our life when we have to apologize or express regret.

If you're going to apologize, we recommend knowing the ins and outs of why some apologies are accepted and why others meet with resistance, anger, and lack of forgiveness.

In this module, you will learn a 4-step tool that gives your apology the best chance of being accepted so everyone can move on. The best part is that apologizing effectively happens with honor, and makes you look good.

Motivate with Appreciation

Appreciation is one of the most underrated and under-explored ways to motivate those around us.

In this module, you'll learn an easy 3-step tool that gets to the heart of appreciation. You will be able to motivate people in a way that feels good, and is proven effective by many studies.

Use this tool at home or work to encourage, stimulate, and inspire those around you.

Offer Your Opinion on the Spot

One of the most challenging things is when people put you on the spot for a response and you're not prepared.

This valuable tool walks you through responding in a way that makes you appear professional and prepared, especially when you're not.

Get to the Point: Bottom Line Your Message

It is challenging to write clear, concise, and professional emails - especially if the subject matter is important. If you've ever heard someone ask ?Did you even read the email?? the answer is probably "Um, not really."

This tool presents you with an easy way to cut through all of the fluff and get straight to what matters. You will learn how to write efficiently and concisely. You'll also learn tricks to satisfy people who are always digging deeper and asking "Why?"

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could write that way?

Check Your Writing for Tone

You've had the experience where something you wrote was taken totally out of context, right? We all have.

That's because in everyday communication, the actual words used make up only 7% of interpretation. It's no wonder that readers misinterpret email.

This tool teaches you a quick and easy way to check your writing for tone and possible misinterpretation. You'll avoid sticky situations and get your true point across.

Write Fast and Sound Professional

Why do we have to think so much to write a professional email?

Wouldn't it be nice if 90% of our business correspondence could be fired off with very little thought - and still sound professional?

This tool provides a straightforward structure that enables you to communicate quickly - professionally.