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Communicating Technical Information Bundle

Course Overview

Sometimes it can be difficult to effectively communicate complex information to an audience who does not share the same background and expertise in the subject matter as you do. Whether you’re delivering a presentation on marketing data to a group, making a sales pitch on complex software to a client, or just having a one-on-one conversation about what you do in your job, this course bundle will teach you how to effectively communicate technical information to a diverse audience, making your meaning clear and leaving your audience members with the information they need to know.



Learning Outcomes

After completing this Communicating Technical Information course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify information about your audience needed to engage them
  • Determine the most important motivator for your audience
  • Tailor your message to address your audience’s needs

Course Content

Module 1 - Know your Audience

The first step to being able to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience is to know what that audience is interested in. Learn how to pinpoint the elements of your message that would provide the most value for your audience, thereby keeping them more engaged and enhancing information retention.

Module 2 - Simplification Through Visualization

Visualizations can make complex concepts clear at a glance. Learn how and when to create graphs, visual metaphors, graphic organizers, and other visual elements to make your technical information much clearer and easier to understand.

Module 3 - Making it Real

Stories and analogies help bridge the gap between familiar and new information, making it much easier for your audience to grasp the technical concepts you’re introducing them to. Learn how to place your information in a familiar context to enhance comprehension.

Module 4 - Impactful Presentations

The way information is presented can be just as impactful as the information itself. Learn how to connect with and engage your audience through strategies that will help you prepare and deliver an impactful presentation.

Action Learning

Vado e-learning courses help you to "learn by doing". Applying action learning and the "70 : 20 : 10" model for learning and development (70% of learning comes from challenging assignments, 20% from developmental relationships and 10% from coursework/training), Vado courses are designed to leverage the all-important 70% so that you can learn through action, experience and knowledge application. During the course you can expect to be asked to "break off" to undertake related tasks, try things out for real and reflect on the experience.


Built to meet the way most people learn (on the job), each Vado course provides learners with tutorial videos, a course 'Introduction Video', downloadable job aids, and an exercise to perform on the job to practice and build the desired skill. With mobile responsive courses designed to work on any mobile device and any screen size, learners will be able to develop anytime, anywhere, and when the learner is ready.