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Child Sexual Exploitation


Sexual exploitation of children has been identified throughout the UK, with both victims and perpetrators coming from a range of social and ethnic backgrounds. It affects boys and girls. It is a form of sexual abuse and can have a serious impact on every aspect of the lives of children involved.


Everybody working with children and young people


By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the nature, signs and indicators and risks associated to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE);
  • Recognise the groups that are especially vulnerable to CSE and the types of exploitation activities;
  • Understand the impact of CSE on children and their families;
  • Understand the attitudes of victims of CSE and strategies to engage with children at risk of exploitation;
  • Understand the principles of effective evidence gathering and record keeping;
  • Understand how and when to refer and where to get additional information and support;
  • Know legislation relating to CSE and policies and procedures within your own organisation.


Estimated learning time: 60 minutes.