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Catheter Care

Course Overview

This course has been designed for those working in the care sector with service users who require catheters and ensures that learners understand what catheterisation is and the risks involved with it. Learners will gain an insight into the types of catheters and why they are necessary, as well as types of incontinence and how they are caused.

Learning outcomes:

  • To gain an understanding in what catheterisation is
  • To explore the reasons for catheterisation
  • To understand the causes and types of incontinence
  • To understand what risks are involved with catheterisation
  • To understand the different types of catheters
  • To understand the theory of how to insert a catheter
  • To understand the theory of male and female catheterisation procedure
  • To explore the post procedure catheter positioning
  • To understand the importance of record keeping


This course links to the RQF Optional Specialism.