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Cardiac Pacemakers

Approximate learning time

2 Hours

Course Overview

A permanent cardiac pacemaker is a small, implantable electronic device that is used to maintain sufficient heart rate when the hearts own natural, intrinsic pacemakers fail. Pacemakers are indicated for use in the treatment of symptomatic bradycardia. They control or replace the heart's intrinsic electrical activity

Nurses and other healthcare professionals will encounter patients with cardiac pacemakers across a wide range of disciplines and this course aims to enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding of these devices.

Course Objective

By the end of this course you should understand:

  1. Describe the appearances of a normal ECG rhythm.
  2. Understand and describe the indications for permanent cardiac pacemakers.
  3. Describe the procedure for preparing a patient for permanent cardiac pacemaker implantation.
  4. Understand pacemaker codes.
  5. Identify pacemaker rhythm on an ECG.
  6. Describe and identify common pacemaker malfunctions.
  7. Offer a patient evidence based education regarding their cardiac pacemaker.