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Budgeting Effectively in Early Years


This CPD-certified course is suitable for anybody involved in the running or management of an early years setting. The course includes optional voiceover recorded by a professional actor. It is specifically designed to help the learner understanding the basics of budgeting in an early years setting, including why budgets are important in general, as well as guidance on how to plan and review a budget effectively.

Why Should You Complete This Course?

To improve the effectiveness of your budgeting in an early years setting, by:

  • Understanding why budgeting is important
  • Building awareness of how budgets can be affected
  • Understanding how to plan and review your budget
  • This course has been created in collaboration with subject experts.

Course Content

  • Why is Bgeting Important? - An overview of the basics of budgeting, including what a budget is, the difference between income and expenses, and a look at the different things that could affect your budget in an early years setting.
  • Planning and Review - A look at what planning needs to go into a budget, why monitoring the budget is important, and when to take action.