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Basic Life Support

Course Overview

This course will provide the learner with an awareness of procedures around basic life support.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the fears of First Aid
  • Be aware of how to ask for permission to help
  • Understand the importance of scene safety
  • Be aware of how to carry out an initial assessment
  • Be aware of the steps to take in order to place a patient in the recovery position
  • Be aware of the chain of survival
  • Know the circumstances under which resuscitation is performed
  • Understand the term of AED
  • Be aware of adult, child and infant choking
  • Be aware of child and infant CPR
  • Understand adult CPR includi
  • ng how to undertake CPR on pregnant women .

The course links to: DC2D L2 Diploma in Care, DAC3D L3 Diploma in Adult Care, DAC4D L4 Diploma in Adult Care.