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Adult Safeguarding - Level 2


This CPD-certified, level-2 e-learning course is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with adults at risk in their work or voluntary activity, and provides learners with a thorough understanding of how to recognise adult abuse, the forms of abuse, acting on concerns, and reporting abuse.

The course includes optional voiceover recorded by a professional actor and culminates with an assessment. It is specifically designed to give learners a better understanding of abuse that vulnerable adults can be subjected to, tips on how to spot the signs and what to do if abuse is taking place.

Law & Legislation

This course covers key points from:

  • The Care Act 2014, which was introduced in April 2015

Course Content

  • Introduction - Introducing the definition of an adult at risk, abuse, and patterns and categories of abuse as well as who might be likely to abuse and where it might take place.
  • Physical Abuse - The definition, signs and statistics of physical abuse.
  • Domestic Abuse - Looking at what domestic abuse is, and the signs to be aware of.
  • Sexual Abuse - Defining sexual abuse and the profile of those most susceptible to it, and introducing the possible signs of it.
  • Psychological Abuse - What psychological abuse includes, and the signs that can help to identify it.
  • Financial or Material Abuse - Explaining what financial or material abuse is and how to spot it.
  • Modern Slavery - An introduction to modern slavery and the signs to be aware of.
  • Neglect and Acts of Omission - Introduction to neglect and acts of omission and what they entail and introducing the possible signs.
  • Self-neglect - What self-neglect is and includes, and how to spot it, as well as typical attitudes found in those who self-neglect.
  • Organisational Abuse - The definition of organisational abuse and an explanation of how it comes about, with an overview of the typical signs.
  • Discriminatory Abuse - Taking a look at what discriminatory abuse is.
  • Responding to Disclosures - Dealing with disclosures and tips for reporting and keeping records.
  • The Care Act 2014 - Fully covering all the key points and changes in The Care Act 2014.