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Accident Investigation


An Accident Investigation is the process of determining the root cause of accidents, on-the-job injuries, property damage and close calls to prevent them from occurring again.

Accident Investigations will lead you to the real cause of why something happened and armed with that knowledge, you can take affirmative steps to prevent future accidents from occurring. As well as actual accidents, investigations should also be made into incidents and undesired circumstances. 

This course is crucial for anyone who performs an accident investigation in their workplace, by being able to perform an effective investigation will help employees be more cooperative in implementing new safety precautions, if they are involved in the decision and they can see that problems are dealt with.


At the end of the course, trainees will be able to understand:

  • The different types of accidents and incidents,
  • The causes of accidents and incidents,
  • What an Accident Investigation is,
  • The benefits of an Accident Investigation,
  • When an investigation should be done,
  • The four steps of an Accident Investigation,
  • What steps need to be taken when an accident occurs and,
  • The importance and effectiveness of safe work practices.