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Do you often feel like everyone’s trying to scam you on your eLearning course costs?

Scam Billing

If so, you’re certainly not alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Today, we’ll step you through how to cut your eLearning costs, and get you back in control of your billing.

Let’s look at the different payment approaches on offer. For each one, we’ll identify how you can control costs.

Individual course subscriptions

This is the simplest billing approach. You pay for each individual who takes each course. This is great – if you only want a small number of people to use each course. The big downside is that there’s a huge barrier to expanding the number of users – meaning that people often don’t get the training that they really need.

The common “scam” with this method is to let enrolment numbers rise way higher than the model was designed for. To reduce your risks, keep a close eye on what you’re spending – and look to renegotiate any pricey contracts. Our PAYG packages gets around this by giving discounts for bulk-buying.


If you’ve got Netflix, you’ll be very familiar with this digital distribution model. This is all very well – in theory. However, it often works far less well, in practice. The key issue is under-use. Typically, users join for a single course, or group. When they’ve completed this (or even if they haven’t), the assumption is that they’ll carry on, and consume more of the content. However, the rest of the material on offer isn’t necessarily such a good fit. Then, you’re vulnerable to the “scam” of repeat billing. The money will keep coming out of your bank account – even if you’re not using any of the content. This can quickly lead to a situation where you’ve paid far more than if you’d bought each course individually. Our Universal PAYG approach solves this problem – because if you stop using, you stop paying.

Site licence

This allows you to give all staff unlimited access to a particular course – or even a publisher’s whole library. Understandably, this leads to huge savings – but only if you actually use the courses! The obvious “scam” here, is massive over-selling. A course may only be needed by a tiny proportion of your workforce – but you still end up paying for everyone. Even if the courses are a great fit for your organisation, you’ve still got to make an ongoing effort to promote them. Otherwise, your licence will be a massive waste of money.

To make sure you don’t fall “victim” to this, make sure you look hard at your training needs – before signing up. There’s no point forking out for a course that most staff don’t want, and won’t use. Furthermore, you’ve got to have a promotional plan in place, before you sign up. There’s no opportunity for delay on internal marketing – because you start racking up bills, on day one.

If you don’t like the look of the site-licence style of working, then you can try our PAYG alternatives, instead. To help you get started, we are offering you a free Universal PAYG starter pack.

Register now to get a free Universal PAYG starter pack!

As it is nearly Christmas and to get you started, we will be pleased to credit new customers with an initial £200 Universal PAYG which enables you to use any of the courses in our multi-publisher catalogue with no contract commitment. Your order must be placed before 20/12/17*. This offers you access to any courses of your choice for free!** And remember that we can deliver your free course through your LMS.

To take up this free offer please click on the button below to register for free on the Course-Source site with your name, company, company email and telephone contact number. Please include the word 'PAYG Starter Pack' in the comments field. We will contact you to make arrangements to deliver the courses to you.

* To be eligible your organisation must employ over 50 staff.

** Free credit will expire one month from the order date and learners will have three months to complete a course from the date they start a course.