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At ZandaX, we've been providing online training for business and personal development since 2015.

And we put value for money at the top of our list. This means providing you with compact, focused yet thorough learning at fiercely competitive prices. You won't find any long-winded explanations in our courses: they are straight to the point and impart the greatest knowledge in the shortest time.

We offer two options: video courses for those on the move, and interactive courses, for people who want to maximize the benefit of their training. Interactive courses come with readable on-screen content, exercises and a workbook that doubles as a unique and personalised Action Plan for future reviews and assessment of progress. If you're looking to manage employee development after the course, the Action Plan alone is likely to repay your investment many times over!

We're very excited about our new tie-up with Core Learning, for whom we're developing a range of UNBRANDED courses.These courses have no ZandaX logos, save a small "Z" badge worn by the cartoon characters, or links to us. This means you can run the courses without any conflicting branding or distracting links elsewhere, and seamlessly integrate them into your own offering, through the Core Learning LMS. But please respect our copyright, about which we're very serious!

The core offering is short, Fast Track options which cover a specific subject like SMART Goals, or Buidling & Managing Trust, but we also offer Master Class courses that combine several subjects that have proved popular combinations in the past.

It's worth trying us out: we're continuously developing new content and our portfolio is growing all the time, so if you don't see what you want today, check back soon to take another look.

TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Assertiveness & Managing AngerZandaX40 Minutes£ 19.00
Building & Managing TrustZandaX1 Hour£ 19.00
SMART Goals and How To Use ThemZandaX40 Minutes£ 19.00
Time Management for ManagersZandaX1 Hour£ 19.00