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At ZandaX, we've been providing online training for business and personal development since 2015.We're a British company, though most of our exposure is in the US, which explains the mix of presenters we use..

And we put value for money at the top of our list. This means providing you with compact, focused yet thorough learning at fiercely competitive prices. You won't find any long-winded explanations in our courses: they are straight to the point and impart the greatest knowledge in the shortest time.

Our courses comprise two elements: video content that explains the "Why" and the "How To", with examples along the way. The second, interactive element that accompanies the videos is designed to take (at least) as much time, with simple exercises and reflective questions, along with scenarios and short case studies where appropriate.

All courses come with an interactive workbook that doubles as a unique and personalised Action Plan for future reviews and assessment of progress. If you're looking to manage development of yourself or your staff after the course, the Action Plan alone is likely to repay your investment many times over!

We're very excited about our new tie-up with Core Learning, which gives regular clients of Core the opportunity to seamlessly integrate them into their own system through the Core Learning LMS.

Most of our offering is short, Bite-Sized courses which cover specific subjects, with a duration of 25 minutes or so - half video and half interactive. We also provide Fast Track courses, which are combinations of two or three Bite-Sized courses with related themes. These come with additional content and an enhanced interactive workbook. And there are Master Class courses that combine several Fast Track courses that have proved popular combinations in the past, for comprehensive treatment of a complete subject area.

It's worth trying us out: we're continuously developing new content and our portfolio is growing all the time, so if you don't see what you want today, check back soon to take another look!

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Active Listening & Understanding the MessageZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Assertiveness & Managing AngerZandaX40 Minutes£ 18.00
Building & Managing TrustZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Choosing Your Sales Techniques & Using Battle CardsZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Creating an Effective Sales TeamZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Creating and Automating Your Sales ProcessZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Effective Communication in the WorkplaceZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Enabling Your Sales Team to WinZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Identifying and Fixing a Lack of TrustZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Management Time Robbers and Getting OrganizedZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Managing Difficult EmployeesZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Managing Difficult Employees - Level 1: Deflectors and Non-Team PlayersZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Managing Difficult Employees - Level 2: Negative Personalities and Trouble MakersZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Sales Forecasting & Hitting TargetsZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Sales Forecasting & Managing ExpectationsZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Sales Management Explained (Master Class)ZandaX4 Hours£ 48.00
Sales Management: Creating A Solid FoundationZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Sales Management: Tips and Problem SolvingZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Sales Processes & Selling TechniquesZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Setting Goals and Using Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)ZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Setting Goals the SMART WayZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Setting Goals: Using Objectives & Key ResultsZandaX20 Minutes£ 15.00
Setting Goals: Using the Three Ps and Stretch GoalsZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Setting Sales Targets & Using KPIs to Smash ThemZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Setting Up Your Sales TeamZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Starting Out in Sales ManagementZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
The New Manager: Choosing Your Management StyleZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
The New Manager: Making the TransitionZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
The New Manager: Your First MovesZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Time Management for ManagersZandaX1 Hour£ 18.00
Time Management for Managers - Prioritization & the Four DsZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Trust and How to Build ItZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00
Using Questions to Get ResultsZandaX25 Minutes£ 15.00