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Delivering goods and services and interacting with customers is rapidly changing


The rapid evolution of a raft of new technologies is changing the way governments, organisations, and businesses deliver goods and services and interact with their customers. It is changing the perception of art, gaming, shopping, and many other aspects of modern life and is creating growing expectations amongst the wider population about how they should be able to interact with organisations, institutions, and other individuals.

This is well past a mere passing fad, the technologies are becoming ingrained across commerce, leisure, and public service provision and the need to have at least a basic knowledge of interactivity and capabilities is growing.

Our publisher partner, Blocknorth, specialises in education programmes on disruptive technologies and they are creating an entry-level suite of courses across the main technologies, looking at how they interact with each other, the real-world uses, and, where appropriate, assessing the legal implications. The full suite will embrace the following technologies:

  • Blockchain – three courses available now
  • The Metaverse – course due for release Nov 22
  • Cryptocurrency – course due for release Dec 22
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – course due for release Jan 23
  • Web 3.0 - course due for release Jan 23

These technologies are all inextricably linked, and the courses show how they interact and how they can improve everything from basic commercial functionality to futuristic gaming and leisure developments.

The courses are pitched at a level needing no prior knowledge and take the students through basic background and development of the technologies through to the uses and legal issues. Taken as a whole suite, these courses will provide students with a broad understanding of the technologies and the relationships between them and give them an insight into current and potential future uses.

For full details of the available Blocknorth courses please click here. You can try their content on your LMS – please contact us for a free trial and a quote to meet your exact requirements and to preview the courses on your LMS.