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Walkgrove recognise that not every organisation has the need or budget for a fully bespoke training solution, which is why they have developed their range of Ready to Go, 'off-the-shelf', generic learning products.

Their portfolio of Ready to Go generic learning events and products benefits from over 20 years' experience in designing award winning bespoke learning solutions in all media. They have taken this knowledge and used it to develop a range of generic learning content covering a range of topics and subject matter.

Please note that “Unconscious Bias” course counts as two units.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
A matter of style - What your management style says about youWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Act SMART - Set objectives that take you placesWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Assert yourself - Stand up for your own needs and opinionsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Chair in control - The key to chairing effective meetingsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
From form to perform - The four stages of team developmentWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Head in the sand? - Tackling difficult conversationsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
I like talking to you - Building conversational skillsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
I prefer the carrot - improve your motivational skillsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
It's what you don't say - Understanding body languageWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Let STAN do it - The gift of two-way delegationWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Minutes matter - The art behind meaningful minutesWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
On the edge of their seats - Grab your audience's attention and keep itWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Perfect Prep - PERFECT your preparation before your presentationWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Seal the deal - improve your negotiating skillsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Strength far and wide - The fundamentals of creating an effective virtual teamWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Sway this way - understand and improve you influencing skillsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Tug of war - coping with resistanceWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Two ears; one mouth - Developing your listening skillsWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Unconscious BiasWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
What first? - The art of prioritisationWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00
Where did the day go? - Recognise what wastes your timeWalkGrove10 Minutes£ 9.00