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With over 15 years of experience designing eLearning courses for leading global organisations, VinciWorks is passionate about behavioural change. We believe that eLearning has the potential to surpass the classroom experience by delivering targeted, personalised content that feels relevant to every learner.

Under the Marlowe brand, VinciWorks has recently expanded and now offers hundreds more courses spanning a variety of topics and content formats, from video-based training to interactive gamified courses. VinciWorks also offers compliance management software, Omnitrack, allowing businesses to manage data collection, follow-up, approvals and reporting, all from one centralised portal.For more information.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Abrasive WheelsVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Active Shooter (Challenge)Vinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Asbestos AwarenessVinci Works40 Minutes£ 25.00
Avoiding Slips and TripsVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Bomb ThreatVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Business Sustainability ManagementVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Can You Spot the Hazard?Vinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
CDM RegulationsVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Check Your Vehicle Before Driving at WorkVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Civil UnrestVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Climate Change: Understanding the Challenge for HumanityVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
Confined Spaces (Challenge)Vinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Confined Spaces AwarenessVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
COSHH (Hazardous Substances)Vinci Works50 Minutes£ 37.50
Display Screen EquipmentVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Don’t Get BurntVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Driving at WorkVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Drugs and Alcohol at WorkVinci Works40 Minutes£ 25.00
DSE RefresherVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
DSE: A Global OutlookVinci Works1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 37.50
DSE: ExercisesVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
DSE: PregnancyVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
Eco-drivingVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Electrical SafetyVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Emergency First Aid AwarenessVinci Works45 Minutes£ 37.50
ESG: FundamentalsVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
ESG: Practical ApplicationsVinci Works45 Minutes£ 37.50
ESG: The BasicsVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Evacuation AwarenessVinci Works50 Minutes£ 37.50
Explosions (Challenge)Vinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Fire Safety (Challenge)Vinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Fire Safety AwarenessVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Fire WardensVinci Works1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 37.50
Fire, Can You Handle It?Vinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
First Aid for Non-First AidersVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Food AllergiesVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Food Safety Level 1Vinci Works50 Minutes£ 37.50
Food Safety Level 2Vinci Works2 Hours£ 37.50
Food Safety Level 3Vinci Works2 Hours£ 37.50
Hand and Arm VibrationVinci Works15 Minutes£ 25.00
Hazardous SubstancesVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
Hazardous Substances (COSHH) RefresherVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
Hazardous Substances: A Global OutlookVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
Health and Safety for DirectorsVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Health and Safety for Office WorkersVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Hybrid WorkingVinci Works40 Minutes£ 25.00
Introduction to Premises ManagementVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Introduction to Remote WorkingVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Lab SafetyVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Ladder SafetyVinci Works45 Minutes£ 37.50
LegionellaVinci Works50 Minutes£ 37.50
Legionella and Water SafetyVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Lift Truck SafetyVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment RegulationsVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
Lock Out Tag Out (Global)Vinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Lock Out Tag Out (UK)Vinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Lone WorkingVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Management of ContractorsVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Manager's Overview of Health and SafetyVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Managing Health and SafetyVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Manual HandlingVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Manual Handling (Challenge)Vinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Manual Handling: A Global OutlookVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Medical EmergencyVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
New and Expectant ParentsVinci Works45 Minutes£ 37.50
Noise ExposureVinci Works15 Minutes£ 25.00
Pandemic AwarenessVinci Works35 Minutes£ 25.00
Personal Protective EquipmentVinci Works50 Minutes£ 37.50
Personal Protective Equipment - Take 5Vinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Personal Protective Equipment: A Global OutlookVinci Works50 Minutes£ 37.50
Personal SafetyVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
PollutionVinci Works15 Minutes£ 25.00
Preparing for Your JourneyVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Preventing Radicalisation and ExtremismVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Preventing the Spread of InfectionVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
PUWERVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
RecyclingVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Recycling Food and Organic WasteVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
RIDDORVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Risk AssessmentVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Risk Assessment (Challenge)Vinci Works15 Minutes£ 25.00
Risk Assessment: A Global OutlookVinci Works45 Minutes£ 37.50
Safeguarding AdultsVinci Works45 Minutes£ 37.50
Safeguarding ChildrenVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Safeguarding EssentialsVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Safeguarding Essentials - Fire ServiceVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Safeguarding Essentials - Further EducationVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Safeguarding Essentials - SchoolsVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Safeguarding Essentials - UniversityVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Safer UniversitiesVinci Works1 Hour£ 37.50
Saving Energy and WaterVinci Works15 Minutes£ 25.00
Slips and TripsVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Slips and Trips (Challenge)Vinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
Slips and Trips: A Global OutlookVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Spinal Awareness: Improving Your PostureVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Spinal Awareness: Managing the Risks of Spinal InjuryVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Spinal Awareness: Stretching ExercisesVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Spinal Awareness: Understanding Your SpineVinci Works5 Minutes£ 12.50
Supply Chain Due DiligenceVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
Sustainable TravelVinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
Violence and AggressionVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
What is Sustainability?Vinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50
Working at Height AdvancedVinci Works30 Minutes£ 25.00
Working at Height EssentialsVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Working at Height Essentials: A Global OutlookVinci Works25 Minutes£ 25.00
Working Towards Zero WasteVinci Works15 Minutes£ 25.00
Working with Young PeopleVinci Works20 Minutes£ 25.00
Young Carer AwareVinci Works50 Minutes£ 37.50
Your Health and Safety (Challenge)Vinci Works10 Minutes£ 12.50