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Video is becoming an increasingly popular media for online learning


This will be partly fuelled by its ease-of-use and reducing cost of production but there are also sound pedagogical [theory and practice of education] principals for its use. According to a recent US survey, the following benefits of adding video were identified:

1) Participants learn 200% more with video.

2) Participants absorb information 40% faster than with voice communications.

3) Participants retain 38% more information than with audio.

4) Increases the power of persuasion by 43% over audio or written communication.

5) 67% increase in the impact of communication.

Now, factor in your learners’ expectations. They watch videos in their personal life to learn new things whether it be for a hobby or a home improvement project. They go to the company’s website and watch a video. Today, they have just come to expect to watch videos on the job to learn new things.

So, adding video to your learning will yield significant benefits and will meet your learners’ expectations. Oh, one more thing to properly enrich your training, video content must be well produced, well-paced and contextual. Whilst today’s technology makes it much easier to achieve great results, attention to the production quality, delivery and placement of the video element makes a world of difference.

Video clips can be used to play out dramatised scenarios, offer simulations or real life scenes, as well as ‘talking heads’. Each video clip should be short and to the point to retain learner interest and engagement.

Many of our Publishers offer video-based learning. Why not take a free evaluation some of their content?

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  • Equality and Diversity – go to SkillsBoosters for an extensive library from this niche publisher.
  • Leadership and Management Engage in Learning and Vado offer extensive libraries.

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