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Vado is an award winning e-learning content provider of micro-learning courses suitable for mobile platforms. Vado is the newest publisher to Course-Source offering 315 “bite-sized” modules for on-the-go learning. Vado helps the learner apply learning on the job through step by step instructions, short videos and exercises.

Soft Skills

• Studies have shown that 70% of development happens on the job. So why not leverage the natural way people learn?
• Learning retention can increase if material is delivered in chunks or bite sized modules. So, why not provide courseware that can increase learning retention?
• Learners are now accustomed to taking in information in a new way—short videos. So, why not offer high definition videos to meet the changing face of learning?

Micro-learning: some call it granular, others call it chunked, they mean the same thing. Some learners prefer short learning courses. The learning market has reflected this trend with shorter and shorter learning courses. The Vado learning content takes this trend to the next step to meet the demands of learners.

Mobile Ready: in today's world of technology, it's desirable that eLearning can be delivered on any mobile device. With content optimized for the mobile learner, Vado provides flexibility for learners to decide when, where and how they want to build their skills. Vado courses are compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and eReader devices.

Award-Winning: Vado’s entire catalogue in the category of Soft Skills and their Leadership Development Learning Track in the category of Leadership Training have received nominations for the Best of 2016 Award presented by ELearning! magazine.Vado’s Leadership Development Learning Track won the Excellence Award in 2015.

Manager Courses: Vado's Manager Courses are designed for supervisors, managers, & leaders who are responsible for leading, coaching, and inspiring employee performance. These courses help build the skills needed to manage individual and team performance, engage and retain employees, as well as contribute to the organization's success.

Individual Courses: Vado's Individual Courses are designed for any individual within an organization. Whether a person is an individual contributor, project manager, or has supervisory responsibilities, these courses help build the skills needed to increase personal performance, develop communication and team skills.