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Course-Source Partners with TalkIT to offer online C# programming course

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We are delighted to announce that TalkIT, the experts in ‘developer training’, are the latest publisher to join Course-Source. The addition of TalkIT’s “C# Development for .NET” course enables Course-Source customers to deliver this training through their own LMS, alongside (potentially) thousands of other courses, and with a number of flexible licensing options.

Companies wanting to offer C# developer training can now do so with this comprehensive (35 hour) online course.


TalkIT was founded with a simple mission: to provide effective training and eLearning courses for developers and businesses to learn new skills quickly. Whilst there are a massive amount of learning materials, tutorials, forums and blogs online, and much of it is free. The ‘problem’, inevitably, is the time it takes to identify relevant and creditable resources, which (often) are not optimised for efficient learning.

That's where TalkIT comes in. All of their training courses are written by experts within their field and were created using Accelerated Learning methods for simple, yet efficient learning. The tutorials and courses are backed up by practical exercises, videos and code samples to get you hands-on with the programming.

TalkIT founder, David Ringsell, said “Having investigated significantly in our professional-standard C# training, I am delighted to extend access to this product via the Course-Source e-learning distribution service; so that businesses can offer this training to their staff alongside other e-learning provision. I’m looking forward to building on the success with the introduction of other IT and coding courses through this partnership in the near future.”


C# Development for .NET: Through interactive e-learning, video and sample code exercises, delegates will learn to develop applications using C#. After completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use Visual Studio effectively
  • Create commercial C# Applications
  • Create applications that access a database
  • Learn the principles of Object Oriented Programming

The course is ideal training for anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly with C#. 

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SPECIAL OFFER – 50% discount until 31st October 2018

C5 enrolments: £212.50         (£42.50/enrolment)

10 enrolments: £328.50          (38.25/enrolment)

25 enrolments: £533.67          (£34.00/enrolment)

Please contact us for us for further information, volume pricing and support to integrate to your LMS.