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About us

TalkIT was founded by IT expert David Ringsell with a simple mission: to provide effective training and eLearning courses for developers and businesses to learn new skills quickly. As part of this commitment, we provide online training courses that are accessible on all devices.

Why TalkIT?

There is a massive amount of learning materials, tutorials, forums and blogs online, and much of it is free. But how relevant and creditable are these online sources? Are they optimised for efficient learning?

That's where we come in. All our training courses are written by experts within their field and were created using Accelerated Learning methods for simple, yet efficient learning. Our tutorials and courses are backed up by practical exercises, videos and code samples to get you hands-on with the programming.

We've dedicated a lot of time and effort to create our training courses, but we know they will help you learn a new skill or strengthen an existing one in shorter time.

TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
C Sharp Development for .NETTalkIT35 Hours£ 42.50
Developing in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScriptTalkIT30 Hours£ 42.50