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Compliance eLearning does not have to be ‘same old, same old’ each year

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Compliance-based eLearning is most often one of the priority organisational learning needs to be addressed through eLearning.

The business case for compliance eLearning is very robust and is based on mandatory status, large numbers of staff involved, requirement for a compliance log, and the need for periodic repeat or refresher learning activities.

Buy or create a set of core compliance eLearning modules covering the subject areas of specific relevance to the organisation’s market sector and operational model, and that’s job done, right?

Wrong! Sure, that is ‘job done’ if you are just looking to ‘tick-the-box’ and you are disinterested in learner behaviours or the real business outcomes that compliance learning is seeking to achieve. However, if you have a vested interest in achieving the positive organisational outcomes that compliance seeks to deliver then perhaps you need to think a little more deeply about the learner experience and journey. Are you mandating that your staff complete the same learning module every year? What levels of learner engagement are you achieving and what is the feedback from your learners on their learning experiences?

Compliance-driven learning is challenged to keep learners engaged repeatedly with the same subject over an extended period. We would suggest that offering learners a different approach to the same learning agenda will help drive higher levels of engagement, completion, and therefore the compliance outcomes you are seeking.

Makes sense, yes? But [yes, there is always a but] this comes at a cost. That is the cost of periodically refreshing or changing the eLearning modules.

So how would it be if you had cost-effective access to a selection of different eLearning catalogues covering all your compliance needs?

This is exactly what we can offer you through Course-Source. We have multiple options for many compliance-based courses that you can use on a rotational basis and with flexible purchase options to enable you minimise your costs.

To get you started, we will be pleased to credit new customers a free initial £300 of Universal Publisher PAYG purchase which enables you to trial any of the courses in our 2,000+ catalogue. Your order must be placed before 31st August 2018*. This offers you access to any courses of your choice for free!** And remember that we can deliver your free course through your LMS.

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Confirm your free Universal Publisher PAYG credit request by 31st August 2018 by calling us on +44 207 613 3444 or email [email protected] and quote 'Free Credit' to take up the offer.

* Organisations must employ over 100 staff and be able to deliver the courses through their own SCORM compliant LMS
** Free credit will expire three months from the start date and learners will have three months to complete a course.