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User Licence

SkillBoosters courses are available with an annual User License which includes access to their entire course library*. The subscription fee, based on the size of your organisation or region, provides 12-months’ on-demand access for unlimited users to as many of their courses as you want.

Total employees in your organisation or regionPrice (annual subscription)
1 to 1999£5,000
2000 to 3499£7,500
3500 to 4999£10,000

Need an LMS? We can provide you with a dedicated, branded instance of our LMS for your use. If you are only using the LMS to manage courses purchased by ourselves, subject to a minimum course purchase value of £500.00, we can provide you with your LMS with no annual license fee.

*Please note that SkillBoosters courses are not available to purchase individually, only as part of a User License (providing access to their full course range).

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