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Universal PAYG

Rather like a mobile phone PAYG purchase you put down a small upfront payment (minimum £500) and you can use this to purchase enrolments on any of the courses in our multi-publisher catalogue. Funds are used to purchase student enrolments on a course. This pricing is best when you are more interested in using courses from a variety of publishers. Free use of our LMS is an option with PAYG packages. All PAYG funds must be used within a year of the purchase date.

PAYG PackageMaguire courses *Maguire GDPR course
Level 1£25.00£5.00
Level 2£22.50£4.50
Level 3£21.25£4.25
Level 4£20.00£4.00

 If you prepay for a specific publisher with our Single Publisher PAYG option, then much lower enrolment pricing (and site licenses) are available.

* The Maguire GDPR course is available "free of charge" with a purchase of any other Maguire products (for the same number of people)

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