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OutThink is a London-based company, recognised globally for innovation in information security. OutThink was set up in 2015 by a team of four CISOs, human-centred security professors and researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum, UCL and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Today, across the world, the vast majority of security incidents and data breaches are caused by the employees. Prevent data breaches by training your people.

The OutThink security awareness training catalogue covers the full spectrum, as certified by the UK GCHQ and APMG. It comprises of 21 short (5 min) interactive modules, with 2D animation, available in 14 languages. We use storytelling, real life scenarios and characters your employees can identify themselves with.

Via Course Source, OutThink’s extended range of online security training courses are now available for businesses to access through their own LMS. These courses draw from OutThink’s industry-leading expertise and are designed to significantly improve staff vigilance and awareness pertaining to security; ensuring that staff modify their behaviours to best protect the business. The courses use a micro-learning approach combined with high quality animations and interaction. For maximum flexibility the course modules can either be purchased individually or licensed as a library to provide a comprehensive solution.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Breach ResponseOutThink6 Minutes£ 5.00
Bring Your Own DeviceOutThink6 Minutes£ 5.00
Clear DeskOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Cloud ComputingOutThink6 Minutes£ 5.00
Data DestructionOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Email SecurityOutThink6 Minutes£ 5.00
EncryptionOutThink6 Minutes£ 5.00
GDPR - AuditorsOutThink10 Minutes£ 5.00
GDPR - ChampionsOutThink15 Minutes£ 5.00
GDPR - Executive BriefingOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
GDPR - General AwarenessOutThink15 Minutes£ 5.00
GDPR - Personal Data HandlingOutThink10 Minutes£ 5.00
Information SecurityOutThink7 Minutes£ 5.00
MalwareOutThink6 Minutes£ 5.00
Password SecurityOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Personal & Home SecurityOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Remote WorkingOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Removable Storage MediaOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Secure Web BrowsingOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00
Social EngineeringOutThink4 Minutes£ 5.00
Social MediaOutThink5 Minutes£ 5.00