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TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Bid WritingOpen eLMS30 Minutes£ 23.00
Coding in the Digital MarketplaceOpen eLMS40 Minutes£ 23.00
CRM an IntroductionOpen eLMS40 Minutes£ 23.00
Delivering a Media PitchOpen eLMS1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 23.00
Digital and Social Media StrategiesOpen eLMS1 Hour£ 23.00
Introduction to FundraisingOpen eLMS30 Minutes£ 23.00
Introduction to MarketingOpen eLMS25 Minutes£ 23.00
Organising EventsOpen eLMS45 Minutes£ 23.00
Search Engine OptimisationOpen eLMS1 Hour£ 23.00
Writing a ProposalOpen eLMS45 Minutes£ 23.00