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3 brand new Publishers and new course releases from 8 established Publisher partners.

New Arrivals

The eLearning library at Course-Source is getting bigger, providing our clients and partners with easy access to over 2,400 online courses. Over recent months we’ve joined forces with new publishers and we are continually adding the latest courses from all our publisher partners.

Below is a summary of new additions. For full evaluation access to any of our courses, please visit Course-Source. eLearning buyers can easily compare course from different publishers and procure content from our “one stop shop”. All courses from Course-Source can be added to your LMS, and a range of flexible “pay as you go” purchase options are available.

Since our last update, the new arrivals (in no particular order!) include:


Delivering a full suite of IOSH certification, these courses are designed to designed to offer the entire IOSH syllabus (including the related support and tutor interventions) via your LMS. The available courses are:

  • IOSH Managing Safely
  • IOSH Managing Safely Refresher
  • IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors
  • IOSH Working Safely

Please contact us to arrange a preview of these courses.

MICROLEARN (additional titles)

The MicroLearn library is expanding apace, and we’ve added another 36 titles, bringing the resource to over 160 bite-sized training modules covering management skills, compliance, personal effectiveness and many other key work-based topics. The recent additions include a full safeguarding suite, performance management, mindfulness, workplace ethics, critical thinking and many more.

The MicroLearn library is available (through your LMS) via an annual subscription, either to the fully library (for ultimate coverage and flexibility) or a targeted subset of modules to suit your specific training requirements.

iAM LEARNING (new publisher partner)

iAM Learning are the new kid on the block in the fast-paced world of microlearning content. They offer a slick range of high-quality animation-based courses that are entertaining, impactful and effective.

The current titles include PPE Essentials, Fire Safety Awareness, Fire Warden Awareness, Legionnaires Awareness, Asbestos Awareness, RIDDOR, The Adventures of the Lone Worker, The Basics of Manual Handling, Working from Height, Working in Confined Spaces and How to Have a Conversation about Mental Health.

New courses being added on a rolling basis.

ENGAGE IN LEARNING (new e-learning courses)

Expanding the range of highly-interactive business-essential compliance training with the following online courses:

  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Positive Mental Health Awareness
  • Competition Law
  • Whistleblowing
  • New and Expectant Mothers

MIND CHANNEL (New micro-learning modules)

Since integrating the Mind Channel library of micro-videos earlier this year, the team have been busy expanding the resource of circa 5-minute training interventions. We have added 19 new videos to the series (bringing the library up to 74 courses). The courses are also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Popular new modules include An Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma, Kaizen Explained, Lean: Tools and Waste Explained, Introduction to Python, First Steps Towards a Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable Workplace, Women in Leadership, and Sales Tips: Selling on the Phone.

ME LEARNING (new e-learning courses)

We’re very pleased to offer the latest care sector and compliance courses from MeLearning. The courses courses are CPD Certified and are developed in a way that encourages interaction and engagement with case studies, examples and quizzes.

The new courses include: The Care Act - Safeguarding Duties and Responsibilities, General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR Refresher, Children's Workforce Induction, An Introduction to Managing Health and Safety, Fire Warden for Care, and Health and Safety - Risk Assessment.

The full range from MeLearning includes 140 high-quality learning modules, predominantly for health and social care and other compliance based topics.

BOBS BUSINESS (new cyber security training product)

The experts in cyber security now offer a consolidated course “Introduction to Cyber Security” which provides an ideal overview of Acceptable Use, Information Theft, Data Handling and Incident Handling.

iHR eLEARNING by WORLD LEARNING HUB (new publisher partner)

World Learning Hub is and international Learning & Development company. They have partnered with leading Human Resource consulting firm iHR (Integrated Human Resources) Australia to create a set of unique Human Resource compliance programs with a behavioural focus. The courses available via Course Source are:

  • Addressing Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying (versions for Employees and Managers)
  • Confidentiality in the workplace
  • Responsible Use of Social Media
  • Management Behaviours to Drive Safety
  • Workers Behaviours to Drive Safety
  • Managing Mental Ill-Health
  • Working with Mental Ill-Health
  • Coaching on Performance

FILTERED (new courses)

Filtered courses use adaptive technology to identify (filter) the content that is most relevant and useful to the user. The range of courses has been extended with 17 additional titles covering popular topics including Microsoft Access, OneNote, VBA (for Beginners and Advanced VBA), Microsoft Power BI and Data Analysis.

TALK IT (new course)

New from specialist “IT developer” trainers is this leading edge interactive programme: “Developing in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript”

This course will teach you how to create HTML5 websites, including CSS3 and JavaScript development. It will also take you through various advanced concepts related to HTML5 web development. The course will also prepare you for related "professional developer" exams.

KNOWHOW2 (new Office 2019 and 365 courses)

KNOWHOW2 provide a fully suite of modular interactive learning for Microsoft Office applications and Windows. Keeping up with the latest Office versions, the range has now been expanded to include 32 new training modules covering all aspects of Word and Excel for Office 2019 and 365. Whichever version of Microsoft Office you use in your organisation, the KNOWHOW2 range of courses will provide a comprehensive training solution

Remember that all of our courses can be easily connected into and delivered through your LMS.