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Perhaps learning to type should be up there?

Typing on Laptop

It is interesting to see how some skills just decline or disappear completely and yet others are constantly in demand through re-invention and innovation.

Typing skills is a great example of the latter. Sure, gone are the days when every organisation has a typing pool staffed by well trained and highly efficient specialists in their field. But in their place, is just about everyone on the planet who now needs to be at least an amateur typist in order to live and work in our modern society.

How much time and money do you think your organisation wastes because staff have not learned to type in an efficient way? It is not that difficult to get an approximate answer. Research shows that a typical untrained ‘hunt & peck’ typist will achieve am maximum of 25 words per minute. Trained typists will achieve a minimum of 40 words per minute. If you therefore work on a ratio of something like 2:1 for the overall productivity gain for a trained typist, you are now equipped with the metric to calculate a rough estimate of your organisation’s potential productivity gain by investing in typing skills. I suspect the result will surprise or even astound you.

With it being the New Year and all that, perhaps now is a great opportunity to encourage and support your people to commit to a resolution to learn to type that will benefit them as individuals and the organisation as a whole.

The KAZ eLearning course offers you a cost and time efficient way of rapidly improving your typing skills. The course typically takes 90 minutes plus 150 minutes to significantly improve your key board skills. Why not give it a try?

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