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GDP-aaargh! Navigating the sea of GDPR training

GDPR 25th May 2018

If you are on the cusp of selecting appropriate GDPR training for your business, and wondering just where to start amongst the great many choices available (and with the added pressure of time running out), don’t worry! Help is at hand….

Instant evaluation access to a wide range of GDPR training

At Course Source, not only do we have a great selection of GDPR e-learning products from leading and specialist publishers, but…wait for it… we’ll give you a free 14 day trail to any course that you wish to see, so you can find the exact right match to suit your company needs and culture. After all, if you can see the “full” courses, side by side, you can have absolute assurance that the training that you select is the best fit for your requirements.

It gets better. It’s quick and easy. Please just reply to this email, and we’ll provide you with an access code to use on our site.  You can then see the full courses and choose your favourite. You can run these courses on your LMS, or we can provide a platform (free of charge).

To narrow it down a little, here is a helpful summary (in “Top Trumps” style) of popular courses, together with indicative prices. You’ll see that there is quite a spread of content to choose from – which is why we really do recommend that you see the actual courses. And of course we’re here to help with recommendations to suite your particular needs.

GDPR Course List

Next steps

Please reply to this email to receive evaluation access to the courses. You will receive an code that you can use to enrol yourself (as the person responsible for e-learning procurement) on  14-day evaluation access to the courses.

Terms and conditions

Please note that evaluation access is not to be shared with end users (beneficiaries of the training), and is provided purely for those responsible for procurement for the purpose of informing the purchase decision.  Excludes “full” evaluation access of courses priced over £100, as these are designed for a limited/specialist audience (of course we can demonstrate these to you online as may be required).